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Temporary Residence

KSA Immigration Consulting Services Ltd: Study Abroad in Canada

Are you considering a temporary residence in Canada? Maybe you want to study abroad in Canada. Did you know that students need a study permit in most cases? The good news is that if you immigrate to study abroad, you might be able to work for 20 hours during the school term and full-time during school breaks. Not only that, but you may even be eligible for a post-study work permit.

You can gain temporary residence while you're a student. Some of the most popular spots for international students include British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. An undergraduate degree takes up to four years to complete, and postgraduate degrees take between one and three years, depending on your degree. If you want to study abroad in Canada, you can attend a university, community college, technical, applied arts or an applied science institution.

KSA Immigration Consulting Services Limited can help you gain temporary residence in Canada. We analyze your situation, answer questions, and help you put together a plan, whether you want to study abroad or find a temporary residence in Canada for another reason. Our consultation service provides information and assistance to everyone who is exploring temporary residence in Canada.

Whether you want to study abroad or you're looking into becoming a permanent resident. We offer support in determining the documentation that you need for your application.

If you're considering temporary residence and have questions, KSA Immigration Consulting Services Ltd can help. We offer comprehensive information regarding immigration, citizenship, and the steps to take to study abroad in Canada. Get in touch, and let's get started.

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