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Procedural Fairness Letter

Procedural Fairness Letter

Decision-makers are required to follow the rules of procedural fairness throughout the decision-making process.

Procedural fairness requires that applicants:

  1. be provided with a fair and unbiased assessment of their application

  2. be informed of the decision maker’s concerns and

  3. have a meaningful opportunity to provide a response to concerns about their application

The requirement for procedural fairness applies to all types of immigration and citizenship applications and all aspects of decision-making.

Reasons for issuance of Procedural Fairness Letter are as follows:

  1. Skilled Workers: Wrong choice of NOC, Doubt of Employment, Inadequate supporting documents

  2. Medical Inadmissibility

  3. Criminality

  4. Misrepresentation

  5. Doubt in relationship

  6. Others

When you receive such a letter, the onus is on the applicant to provide an outstanding explanation with documentary evidence to overcome the officer’s concern. It is important to reach out to an expert to help you solve this problem.

Poor response to procedural fairness letter could lead to the following:

  1. Refusal

  2. 5 years ban in the case of misrepresentation

  3. Further legal battle.

The outcome of a good reply to the Procedural Fairness Letter is APPROVAL. Count on us to help in prompt delivery of outstanding responses to your procedural fairness letter.

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