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This consultation is for those that want to immigrate to Canada temporarily to study in our prestigious educational institutions as international students. This is a must process for all clients for us to represent them with government of Canada during their application processes.


Consultation covers:

  • Documentations needed for admissions.
  • Application Submission and timeline.
  • Permanent Resident Opportunity after graduation.
  • Question and Answer about international students and living in Canada.


Why Consultation?

  • Save valuable time, resources and money.
  • Right information source.
  • Knowledge and awareness of changes in Immigration policies.



This is a one-time consultation. However, should you wish to proceed with a full representation by using our services, we shall discuss our application intake processes and Professional Fees with you.

Study Permit Consultation

  • Duration


  • Mode of Delivery

    Our Consultations are conducted via Phone call, skype or zoom at a scheduled appointment.

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