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Immigration Services

KSA Immigration Consulting Services: Visa Refusal

Did you know that you can move to Canada if you qualify for the skilled worker program? Assessment includes age, education, work experience, language, arranged employment, and adaptability. If you score a 67 out of 100, you qualify under the program. You also must either speak English or French. Proof of funds is required. And if you have family already living in Canada, that's a plus as well.

The point-based skilled worker program offers express entry in a ranking system where selectees for permanent residence to Canada are processed periodically upon completing and submitting error-free electronics applications. If you already have temporary employment, are currently working in Canada under LMIA exemption, or have a job offer from a Canadian employer, your odds of acceptance increase.

If you are in need of immigration services in Alberta, contact KSA Immigration Consulting Services. We provide a full range of immigration services for individuals, families and entrepreneurs. When it comes to immigration services, KSA is on top of current trends and changes and provides comprehensive information to people with Canadian immigration and citizenship questions or concerns.

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