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Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program

This is another in-demand skilled worker program in which the provinces target candidates that can contribute economically to the growth of the province and has the intent to live in such a province. It should be noted that provinces have absolute control in selecting skilled workers they believe meet their needs and program requirements. Applicant must meet the educational requirements of any of the provincial nominee programs which could be Canadian education or foreign education assessed through Canadian authorized educational assessment bodies like WES, ICES, ICAS, CES, IQAS, MCC, PEBC. Evidence of proof of funds is part of the requirements under this program. Many of these province nominee programs have cost to apply apart from the federally cost to be incurred.

Provinces and territories may target:

  • Students

  • Business People

  • Skilled workers

  • Semi-Skilled workers

The selection for PNP falls into two categories which could be paper-based or through express entry. This means applicants can either submit a paper-based non-express entry stream after being nominated subject to the province application method or via express entry process if the province agrees to nominate to Canada.

Note: All the programs undertaken by the provinces are NOCs dependent.

Here is the list of the participating provinces along with their programs:

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